Stock Status Updated After Invoice

Stock Status Updated After Invoice

As you issue your invoices, easily track your automatically updated stock status, place your orders from your suppliers on time.

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Find Your Products Easily

Find Your Products Easily

Add your products with product-specific information such as barcode, product code, product photo, and find them easily. Call the product with the barcode reader.

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Inventory Cost Report

Inventory Cost Report

With the products in stock report, know how much of each product you have, its cost and what your potential profit is from that product.

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Warehouse Stock Management Features

Shipment Planning

You can edit or change which goods your operations team will accept or issue for which order from the CornerDex panel screen.

Stock Information

You can see your product stock information thanks to the relevant module, you can take quick action to update the stock status, and you can easily organize your business calendar.

Rack Addressing

You can stock the products that you accept stock by using shelf addressing, and you can easily access the related products while you are checking out the goods.

Warehouse/Shipping Performance

Through the module, you can analyze all stages of your storage and shipping movements and measure your performance.


You can get reports on the basis of products, personnel and customers, and you can plan your strategy to increase your business efficiency by examining the reports.

Unlimited Usage

You can add or update unlimited products in warehouse stock management.

Raw Material Tracking

We follow the stock information of the raw materials used in production and add them to the inventory when they are close to the end, we ensure production continuity.

Multiple Warehouse Management

You can manage, edit or remove multiple repositories. We offer different editing options for each warehouse.

Product Management

We provide a warehouse stock system where you can get information about the warehouses in which your products are stocked and based on this stock information.

Warehouse Count

Facilitate the controlled execution of all your operations with CornerDex by performing all counting processes with maximum efficiency.

Block Identification

You can define as many block and shelf information as you want so that your products can be accessed more easily in the warehouse.

Warehouse Process Optimization

Manage all processes of stocks from receiving goods to packaging and shipping much more efficiently.

One Screen, One Platform All-in-One One price

One Screen, One Platform All-in-One

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Tülin Bozkuş

Bütüncül sağlık ilkesine dayalı yaşamını sürdüren ve bu konuda kendini geliştirmeye adamış bir girişimciyim. Hayatımızdan eksik olmayan kombucha’nın faydalarını deneyimledikçe, bunu çevremizle de paylaşmaya başladık. Sadece yakın çevremizin değil, herkesin faydalanabilmesi niyeti ile de REM Kombucha’yı kurduk ve e-ticaret sürecimizde CornerDex altyapısını kullanmaya karar verdik. Tüm süreçlerimizde desteklerini esirgemeyen, anlayışla yaklaşan bu ekibe teşekkür ederim.

Emrah Obiva

CornerDex demosunu inceledikten sonra bizim için en uygun sistemin CornerDex olduğuna karar verdik ve Lebalux olarak markamız ile ilgili tasarım ve e-ticaret altyapısı olarak sorunsuz bir tecrübe yaşadık.

Simge Levi

Cemilestore olarak tüm süreçlerimizde her zaman yanımızda ve desteklerinden hiçbir zaman esirgemeyen CornerDex ekibine sonsuz teşekkürler.

Savaş Tanga olarak sektörümüzde her zaman bir adım ileride olmayı hedefledik. Bu hedeflerimizde gerek logo ve tasarım sürecinde, gerekse tüm e-ticaret süreçlerimizde bize her zaman en doğru yolu göstermeye çalışan ekibe teşekkürlerimi sunuyorum.


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